29 January 2015

Lenten Midweek Ideas

Can be found here.

28 January 2015

A beautiful bit from Chemnitz...

...(thanks to Dr. Stuckwisch who sent me hunting):

The mourning Christians indeed know the divine promises concerning those who have died in the Lord; nevertheless, when they are troubled as they consider the weaknesses of their loved ones, and because they do not see before their eyes their rest and happiness, they flee to God and commend them to the mercy of God in their prayers, in order that they may by these very prayers confirm themselves with respect to the blessedness of their dead. For such prayers, as the most ancient were, rest on these promises: Whoever believes in me “will never see death”; “He…has passed from death to life”’ “Though he die, yet shall he live”; “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord” etc.


For it would be animalistic apathy not to be touched by the death of one's own, to erase the memory of departed friends immediately from the mind, not to wish them well and to pray for their welfare—all of which, however, are to be kept in bounds according to the Word.

Examen III:268

27 January 2015

Commemoration of St. John Chrysostom

Today our Synod commemorates the Golden Mouthed Preacher, St. John Chrysostom. The collect:

O God, You gave to Your servant John Chrysostom grace to proclaim the Gospel with eloquence and power. As bishop of the great congregations at Antioch and Constantinople, he fearlessly bore reproach for the honor of Your name. Mercifully grant to all bishops and pastors such excellence in preaching and fidelity in ministering Your Word that Your people shall be partakers of the divine nature; through Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

Our Treasury notes:

His determination to reform the church, court, and city brought him into conflict with established authorities. Eventually he was exiled from his adopted city. Although removed from his parishes and people, he continued writing and preaching until the time of his death in A.D. 407. It is reported that his final words were "Glory to God for all things! Amen." (p. 1158)

The writing for today also features the great saint:

And what does "ransom" mean? God was about to punish them, but He did not do it. They were about to perish, but in their stead He gave His own Son and sent us as heralds to proclaim the cross.

The Book of Concord cites from Chrysostom as perfectly capturing the doctrine of the consecration of the elements in the Sacrament of the Altar by the Words of Christ.

Fittingly, the hymn assigned for today's commemoration is LSB 578:5:

Give us lips to sing Thy glory,
Tongues Thy mercy to proclaim,
Throats that shout the hope that fills us,
Mouths to speak Thy holy name.
Alleluia, alleluia!
May the light which Thou dost send
Fill our songs with alleluias,
Alleluias without end!

Prayer for Psalm 120

In the 30 day Psalter, today begins with Psalm 120. I thought the prayer following particularly apt:

O most merciful Father, guard us by Your power that we do not fall into the snares of slanderers and into the toils of those practicing deceit. Preserve us from soul-destroying errors. Give us teachers whose hearts are upright with Your Word, and kindle and increase in us the knowledge of Your saving truth, through Jesus Christ. Amen.

23 January 2015

Mighty Ones

Praying with my handy new Concordia Psalter the other day, a thought occurred to me that had not before. Psalm 103 and the reference to the mighty ones who do His bidding, referring to the angels. And WHY are they mighty? Is it not BECAUSE they do His bidding? Strength never comes in setting one's self in opposition to the will of our loving Creator. Strength comes through allignment with the will of our Creator. Our Lord Jesus proved strongest of all, mightiest of all: because He used His human will to allign Himself fully to the will of the Father:

"Thy will be done."

There is no stronger, no mightier prayer. We, indeed, literally REIGN with Christ, as we join Him in this petition, even as He taught us to pray.

22 January 2015

Well...I knew it was bad

when Cindi called me at work. She next to never calls me at work. I was in the middle of playing service for LCEF and saw she had left a message. A car accident. She was on the way to work was waiting to turn off of 140 onto Bob's road when a car crashed in from behind. She didn't see it coming, but the car apparently didn't slow down at all. No broken bones, thanks be to God! A deep gash on the cheek that the plastic surgeon dealt with for now and says he will deal with the scar when she's healed. God's holy angels were working full time today! She's home, resting now. Tomorrow we will face as it comes. 

17 January 2015


Seems you either love it or hate it. I love it. Cin not so much. Threw a bunch in my salad tonight. Major yumminess. And for salad dressing? Hot salsa. Perfect!

16 January 2015


I still remember my first pair, and how I looked in awe at the leaves on the trees and could see them clearly. Each time I get a tune up on the lenses I look first to the trees, even if it's only oaks with old dried up leaves at the moment. Yup! Crystal clear. 

What I got for first time is magnetic clip on shades. Wow! Drove home with them on today and was mega impressed by crispness and lack of strain on eyes. 

The lady at the doctor's was a hoot. She simply ruled out pair after pair that I tried on.  "No, you can't buy those (or those or those or those...). You have a narrow face. You need small lenses." Well, think she was right. I love them!