02 July 2015

More Pics from Gottesdienst, St. Louis

You really missed a great conference if you weren't at this Gottesdienst extravaganza. Of course, the worship was refreshing and joyful, but the presentations and discussions were outstanding. Pr. Larry Beane, Pr. David Petersen, Pr. Heath Curtis...each delivered thought-provoking papers, and the open disagreement about how to proceed in the panel discussion toward the end, was actually quite illuminating. Adam as head of the three hierarchies: husband, priest, king. A letter from Madison to our very own St. Matthew's in Manhattan. The pre rehearsal rehearsal for the wedding. Keep your eye out on Gottesdienst Online to see if the papers are posted.

01 July 2015


Friday, Bekah and I headed to NC for Flynn's baptism. Long drive, but we got in before dark. Was so great to see my beloved again and the Herberts. Baptism was at early service Sunday:

Was great to visit with Jim Huffman, Lauren's godfather that day too. Missed Amy, though. 

Monday we were up early and off to home. Got in at 5:30 and the Beanes and Dave joined us for supper at 6:45. Leo took advantage of the pool while the grown ups visited. 

Tuesday was Gottesdienst conference on marriage with several outstanding presentations and worship opportunities. 

And then had great visit with Pr. Loesch.

Missionary Orientation wraps up tomorrow with another great group being sent forth. Divine Service is at 2! Join us if you can. 

22 June 2015

You know my favorite part of Missionary Orientation?

Chapel! Chapel with the sounds of CHILDREN!!! The most unnatural thing about Chapel at the Synod's International Center is how quiet it usually is. All adults. Blah. I love these weeks when young people are all over the building AND making noise in chapel. And to think these kids will grow up on the mission field and will always be marked by that experience. So very exciting indeed!

Blown away

I was utterly blown away by receiving this at the Making the Case Conference in Collinsville this past weekend:

I am humbled beyond words to be in the company of such men as Dr. Feuerhahn and Pr. Klem Preus. And I want to THANK Issues, Etc. for providing an ongoing catechetical forum and for allowing me to teach on the subjects of liturgy and hymnody which are so dear to me. Today marks the 29th anniversary of my ordination into the Office of the Holy Ministry. It's been an overwhelming blessing to me to share the joy of Christ's forgiveness in preaching and prayer and song. 

11 June 2015

Welcome, Joshua Flynn

Born early this morning to Lauren and Dean Herberts, our fourth grandchild and second grandson. He'll be known as Flynn. And here he is wrapped in a blanket his Nana made him:

08 June 2015

Logitech, welcome back!

After I got my first iPad, I saw the keyboard that a friend of Dean's had and fell in love with it. A logitech. I got one and it worked well. Then when I bought a mini, I ended up buying the keyboard to go with it from logitech. It took a bit of getting used to, but soon I was flying along on it. Small keys ended up being no problem at all. Probably helps that I have small fingers!

But alas, a drop or three and it would no longer hold my iPad mini upright. I had to get rid of it. A couple months ago I tried out a couple different options, and ended up taking one of them back (the Zagg, it always typed double letters) and bought a cheaper model. It worked okay for a while. And then IT started the double letter thingy. I tossed it and have been using the keyboard on the screen, which I really, really do not like.

Today Cindi surprised me with an early father's day gift: A NEW LOGITECH! YEAH!!! I've been typing up a storm since she gave it to me. It is really the very best little keyboard. And I'm going to try really hard NOT to drop this one...

06 June 2015

I really DO love music...

...and the way it accompanies the heights and depths. This past week I played for a wedding last Saturday (including a risky Trumpet Voluntary from memory that actually did fly!), then for a service on Sunday, then for chapels last Thursday and Friday at the International Center, then for a funeral today of one of the sweetest and most wonderful ladies it has even been my privilege to know (during that I accompanied David as he sang Fleischmann's outstanding "Little Lamb"), then for service tonight, and will play (God willing) for service tomorrow.

I love music beyond words, but get more than a tad nervous at public performance. Still, there is something so awesome about assisting the people of God in offering their sacrifice of praise. The joy ends up outweighing the terror.

AND every once in a while there's a hymn that gathers into itself the heights and the depths and offers a a glimpse of sublime glory. I got to play such a critter twice today: "Lord, Thee I Love." Truly one of my all time favorite hymns; indeed, my favorite of all the favorites.

And what a joy to play! There is something about pulling back at the start of stanza three and then letting all heaven break loose with the "And then from death awaken me..." Only, the organ can't make the sound big enough, bright enough for that moment. But it can give a foretaste of resurrection joy.

Which is all a way of saying: Thank you, dear Lord, for the gift of music! For the songs of Your Church to accompany and accomplish our journey through the ups and downs and finally home to You.

"And the redeemed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with singing, and everlasting joy shall be upon their heads. They shall obtain gladness and joy, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away." Isaiah 35:10

"Lord Jesus Christ, my prayer attend, my prayer attend, and I will praise Thee without end."

05 June 2015

33 Years

That's how long Cin and I have been married as of today. And we've been friends for the past 44 years, and this year we both turn 55.

We had a hoot of a conversation this morning thinking of all the weird things we've done that we'd never have believed we would ever do when we were just getting married. It's been a wild and crazy ride, but wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Cindi, you're the only person in all the world that I would ever want to make this journey through life with! Love you!