22 June 2016

Patristic Quote of the Day

For here is great misery, proud man! But there is greater mercy, a humble God! Take this love, therefore, as the end that is set before you, to which you are to refer all that you say, and, whatever you narrate, narrate it in such a manner that he to whom you are discoursing on hearing may believe, on believing may hope, on hoping may love.—St. Augustine, On the Catechising of the Uninstructed, Chapter 4

21 June 2016

Patristic Quote of the Day

According to that veiling, carnal men, understanding things in a carnal fashion, have been under the dominion, both then and now, of a penal fear. According to this revealing, on the other hand, spiritual men ... understanding in a spiritual fashion, have been made free through the love wherewith they have been gifted.—St. Augustine, On the Catechising of the Uninstructed, Chapter 4

17 June 2016

A New Hymn for Reformation

by Pr. Wilfred Karsten. Check it out:

I love days like today...

...I'm sitting here with cup of tea, watching the light fade on the wall, as some Bach plays. I'm tired in a very good way. Walked over 9 and half miles, did 550 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, finished and shipped off a major writing project, edited two important items for upcoming convention, did a radio show, outlined next book and shipped notes off to editors for feedback, feasted on the Word in Treasury with Cindi this morning and in chapel with Dr. Hagan as two domestic missionaries were sent forth and Dr. Hagan preached a great homily on the Waiting Father from Luke 15. Got in half an hour in the pool when I got home before Cindi and I enjoyed a dinner of leftovers on the deck. She had her patriotic concert tonight with Collinsville Chorale (I usually take a pass on that one!). A wonderful day indeed.

15 June 2016

As one wag put it on FB...

...habemus moustache. Congratulations to President-elect Harrison for a third term in office. 

13 June 2016

And sometimes when you're working out...

...there's a camera on you! A good video about CPS with a cameo appearance of yours truly now and again:

11 June 2016

THIS is mega cool

Pr. Asburry has put together the most wonderful little bit of Lutheran meditation and prayer to brighten your day. Check it out:


05 June 2016

A most joyful day...

...Cindi and I get to celebrate our 34th anniversary with the Baptism of youngest grandchild, Henry David Weedon. Joys abounding!