26 February 2023

Our crazy lives…

…what with Emmett’s birth things have been more than a tad hectic.Bek and Andy and crew arrived here Thursday night. David’s family and Opa and Lois came over to see the baby. Friday a.m., Cindi rustled up some breakfast for the crew, and then I headed off to work. While I was away Lauren and Dean’s crew arrived. I got home for lunch and we had a little bit of time to visit before everyone headed out. Saturday, Lydia and Henry played in a “pre-concert” at Good Shepherd prior to the Symphony from Concordia, Irvine performing (we got to see Leisticos and any number of other friends, and I got to meet a young man who told me he listens to the podcast daily. Sweet!). We came home and made dinner and hit the hay early. Today we had Church (no Bible Class - confirmand’s examination instead), made breakfast for Opa and Lois and ourselves and engaged in a most frustrating game of liverpool (grrrrr! Opa!!!!). And then we enjoyed a mostly quiet afternoon and evening. The coming weeks promise to be filled with activity as well. Tentatively, Baptism is set for March 26. Between that time and now, I head to Austin for a men’s retreat; Cindi’s two sisters, her niece, and her brother-in-law arrive for a weekend visit, Cin has her final concert with the Collinsville Chorale, and I need to get to writing next year’s Lenten devotional book in earnest!

18 February 2023

Well, it was a GREAT evening…

…with dear friends. But we won’t even talk about pinochle and the ridiculous melds the fairer sex kept inexplicably coming up with! 

15 February 2023

An even dozen:

Kloe Iona
Sawyer Dean
Annabelle Scarlett
Lydia Charlotte
Joshua Flynn
Henry David
Felicity Lynn
Oliver James
Evangeline Grace
Griffin Lee
Chancellor James

And now:

Emmett William.

Blessed beyond words! Congrats to Andy, Bekah and Kloe!

04 February 2023

In honor of Black History Month…

…a memory from five years ago. Victoria sang this on the day before Ash Wednesday, but we didn’t get it recorded. So after the Ash Wednesday service, she sang it and Pete recorded it: Lift Every Voice and Sing. And I remember as we practiced it the first time, any number of black employees made their way to the chapel and sat down silently to listen. It was a beautiful moment. I hope I never forget it.

01 February 2023

A good start…

…that is, to the new year as far as disciplined exercise goes. In the month of January:

    Total push ups: 3,310
    Total pull ups: 312
    Total 45 lbs kettle bell swings: 312
    Total high intensity interval training: 140 minutes
    Total miles walked:  140 (5 miles each Monday-Saturday; 2.5 miles on Sundays)

Now, only 11 more months to go!