25 January 2023

AND this past Sunday…

…our first graders got their Bibles, including grandson Henry Weedon. Can you spot him? Yup. The smallest boy, but what a huge smile!

24 January 2023

P is for “Pa” and “Pastor”

Today Crys invited me to the PreK class (which has my grandson Oliver in it) to read them my two children’s books, and to stand in the letter box. The letter this week is P and I doubly qualify, since I’m both “Pa” to Oliver and also “Pastor.” Thanks for the opportunity, Crys!

18 January 2023

A long time…

…since I posted! Life’s been a tad hectic. And for those hectic times, if you’d like to simply meditate on some of the great Lenten hymns (no text, only piano sketches), remember you can listen here or here if you have Apple music.  

06 January 2023


First time The Word Endures has made it into Apple’s top religious podcasts:

03 January 2023

And some more random pics…

…from the holidays at various get-together with friends (at the Van Ulfts new place in Missouri; with Dr. Kevin and Robyn Armbrust; Van Ulfts and Klingers; and Braasches and Wagners), but first a picture that Sandy Bowers shared me with this morning with our dear friend Dr. Lee Maxwell (may he rest in peace!), taken in his office, where there were always pleasant piles of books and papers.