16 July 2015

Where'd he go?

He's got his fingers busy typing, trying to finish up a book by a deadline for CPH. No blogging or FB or even ALPB until the book is DONE. Then I'll be back. Till then, the Lord's richest blessings to each of you visitors!

14 July 2015

A Paleo Triumph

I DID it! I ate chicken livers. Cindi made them smothered with onions. No, not quite as tasty as the chicken curry she served over cauliflower rice with veggies, but it was still, well, eatable. An organ meat consummed. How about that? Mark Sisson, I'm making slow progress. 

11 July 2015

What a Wonderful Saturday!

After that cold bout, it feels GREAT to have some heat and warmth. Cin and I had breakfast, coffee, and Treasury this a.m., and then headed out for a long and leisurely walk up to the farm.

Oh, and most hysterical: Sawyer's FactTime this a.m. He's colored on himself with markers. Two tatoos, he informs us, just like Nana. We about split a gut.

Got back and she cut my hair (I LOVE haircut day...I keep trying to get her as excited about it as I am!). A bit more coffee and then pool time. First I vacuumed, while Cindi pulled stuff out of the garden (eggplants, tomatoes, cucumber). We floated a bit. Drank some NorCal margaritas (gosh those are perfect in the heat!), and then some more floating. LPR was playing and we got to hear We All Believe, All Glory be to God on High, and E'en So. Could life get better? A bit of leftovers for lunch.

Cindi's planning on tackling some weeding. I reminded her that the last time I assisted her in this chore she lost her hibiscus (come on, in early spring it LOOKS like a weed). So I'm going to find something else to occupy my time. And then some more pool time after a bit of break from the sun.

02 July 2015

More Pics from Gottesdienst, St. Louis

You really missed a great conference if you weren't at this Gottesdienst extravaganza. Of course, the worship was refreshing and joyful, but the presentations and discussions were outstanding. Pr. Larry Beane, Pr. David Petersen, Pr. Heath Curtis...each delivered thought-provoking papers, and the open disagreement about how to proceed in the panel discussion toward the end, was actually quite illuminating. Adam as head of the three hierarchies: husband, priest, king. A letter from Madison to our very own St. Matthew's in Manhattan. The pre rehearsal rehearsal for the wedding. Keep your eye out on Gottesdienst Online to see if the papers are posted.

01 July 2015


Friday, Bekah and I headed to NC for Flynn's baptism. Long drive, but we got in before dark. Was so great to see my beloved again and the Herberts. Baptism was at early service Sunday:

Was great to visit with Jim Huffman, Lauren's godfather that day too. Missed Amy, though. 

Monday we were up early and off to home. Got in at 5:30 and the Beanes and Dave joined us for supper at 6:45. Leo took advantage of the pool while the grown ups visited. 

Tuesday was Gottesdienst conference on marriage with several outstanding presentations and worship opportunities. 

And then had great visit with Pr. Loesch.

Missionary Orientation wraps up tomorrow with another great group being sent forth. Divine Service is at 2! Join us if you can.