31 March 2017

Noted in the past

but it hit me again today, how profound the parallel thought tracks between the classic anaphorae and that all but vanished feature of Lutheran liturgy, the Admonition to Communicants. Looking at the Bugenhagen piece for Braunschweig:

Our plight + the sending of the Son culminating in cross and resurrection + (so that we may more confidently believe this and be strengthened in faith and holy living) the Institution Narrative + Anamnesis of His death and resurrection (do this for His remembrance, showing His death—that He was delivered for our offenses and raised for our justification) + Thanksgiving  + the unity of the Church through the Eucharist in love + a prayer that God may accomplish this (a faithful reception of the Sacrament and a life of love) for us by His Spirit.

26 March 2017


(Francis S. Saltus)

From what enchanted Eden came thy leaves 
That hide such subtle spirits of perfume?
Did eyes preadamite first see the bloom,
Luscious nepenthe of the soul that grieves? 

By thee the tired and torpid mind conceives 
Fairer than roses brightening life's gloom,
Thy protean charm can every form assume
And turn December nights to April eves.

Thy amber-tinted drops bring back to me 
Fantastic shapes of great Mongolian towers,
Emblazoned banners, and the booming gong;
I hear the sound of feast and revelry,
And smell, far sweeter than the sweetest flowers,
The kiosks of Pekin, fragrant of Oolong.

I remember once reading that poetry is essentially words put together in such a way that they are hard to forget. For many, many years I have had the last line of this sonnet my head as unforgettable. The kiosks of Pekin, fragrant of Oolong.

I'm sipping a cup now of it now. 

21 March 2017

A very cool video

My son pointed this out to me some time ago. I find myself returning to it in amazement at its beauty. Aled Jones, thanks to the marvels of modern tech, does a duet with himself as a young boy.

Fitting for today, as we celebrate our youngest daughter's 26th birthday and yet the memories of her childhood still seem like yesterday in my mind. A time warp, just like this video:

Walking in the Air

06 March 2017

Some photos from Felicity's Baptism

God has His timing. Felicity Lynn Herberts was baptized into Christ's endless life one year to the day upon which her grandmother, Lynn Herberts, had her baptism completed and fell asleep in Jesus. The beautiful crucifix that adorns the altar in the background of these pictures was given in memory of Lynn. "With angels and archangels and all the company of heaven..." and I think everyone very clearly sensed ONE member of that company of heaven who was having special joy today! Indeed, "death you cannot end my gladness; I am baptized into Christ!" just as we all belted out at the start of the liturgy.

P.S. We were laughing so hard because Felicity was screaming for her food and Sawyer was upset with the picture arrangements and was fussing a bit too. Flynn and Annabelle were just happy as clams, though.

01 March 2017

Lift Every Voice

Victoria Taylor sings Lift Every Voice and Sing after Chapel this a.m. She actually sang it for yesterday's chapel, but we didn't get a full recording until today.