06 March 2017

Some photos from Felicity's Baptism

God has His timing. Felicity Lynn Herberts was baptized into Christ's endless life one year to the day upon which her grandmother, Lynn Herberts, had her baptism completed and fell asleep in Jesus. The beautiful crucifix that adorns the altar in the background of these pictures was given in memory of Lynn. "With angels and archangels and all the company of heaven..." and I think everyone very clearly sensed ONE member of that company of heaven who was having special joy today! Indeed, "death you cannot end my gladness; I am baptized into Christ!" just as we all belted out at the start of the liturgy.

P.S. We were laughing so hard because Felicity was screaming for her food and Sawyer was upset with the picture arrangements and was fussing a bit too. Flynn and Annabelle were just happy as clams, though.

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Nancy said...

Adorable photos!