28 November 2023

Bad: Cold; Good: Fire

It’s a love / hate relationship. I just do not like the cold (and that dislike grows ever stronger by the year), but I do love being able to enjoy a good book in front of a roaring fire, getting all toasty warm. (And yes, though it is not yet quite even Advent, we set up the Christmas stuff; I’m a creature of habit and in my book, that’s what the day after Thanksgiving is for!)

25 November 2023

29 Years Ago…

…about this exact time of the day, we got the call that mom had been taken to the hospital with cardiac arrest. I talked to the ER doctor. He told me that "this lady is trying very hard to die." I remember telling him to let her go. By that time, mom had had Alzheimers for several years. The last time I saw her, I'm pretty sure (from the look on her face) she didn't have the first clue who I was. I tried to feed her some of her dinner and she just kept giving me that "Who the hell are you?" look. It was Thanksgiving weekend that year too. Mom, may your memory be eternal! You were an amazing mother and I'm so sorry I wasn't with you there at the end. I wish I had been.

24 November 2023

A Joyous Thanksgiving

I just love the celebration of Thanksgiving. We got up early to get the turkey in our smoker. Cindi had rubbed it under the skin with butter and fresh rosemary. We sang an exuberant Matins (and pretty much a packed Church) at 9:00 a.m., with Bell Choir and Adult Choir. We headed home and finished the preparations, and finally about quarter after noon said our Thanksgiving Litany and then 28 of us sat down to enjoy the feast that all had contributed to. Two turkeys and a ham were the meats, but we had an abundance of sides: five onion gratin; sweet potato souffles (two of them!); twice baked mash potatoes; fried apples with cinnamon; gravy (thanks, Mark!) and an Alfredo sauce; broccoli; mushrooms with bacon in a cream sauce; 75 light rolls (thanks, David!); and cranberry sauce. Wine for the older folks and sparkling grape juice for the younger ones. After we had eaten the main course, we had a delightful hymn sing (thanks to Paul and John for playing for us): "Lord, Thee I Love," "Now Thank We All Our God," "O Lord, How Shall I Meet You," "Children of the Heavenly Father," "O Little Flock," "Break Forth" and I can't remember all the rest. THEN it was time for dessert: I think we had five or six pumpkin pies, two chocolate pies, David's famous caramel cheesecake, whipped cream galore, coffee, port, whiskey, whatever. We figured out a way to set up three tables (two in dining area; one in living room) that accommodated us all, which was really neat.

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