15 August 2022

Selections from Lutheran Symbols Touching on the Blessed Virgin Mary

Likewise, it is taught that God the Son became a human being, born of the pure Virgin Mary, and that the two natures, the divine and human, are so inseparably united in one person that there is one Christ.—AC III:1,2

Now we grant that the blessed Mary prays for the church. But she does not receive souls in death, conquer death, or give life, does she? What does Christ do if the blessed Mary performs all these things? Even though she is worthy of the highest honor, nevertheless she does not want herself to be made equal with Christ, but instead wants us to consider and follow her example. The fact of the matter is that in the court of public opinion the blessed Virgin has completely replaced Christ. People have called upon her, trusted in her mercy, and through her have sought to conciliate Christ, as though he were not the propitiator, but only a dreadful judge and avenger.—Apology XXI:27, 28

Thus, the Dominicans invented the rosary of the blessed Virgin, which is mere babbling, as foolish as it is wicked; it nourishes a false confidence.—Apology XXVII:53

Therefore, we believe, teach, and confess that Mary did not conceive and give birth to a child who was merely, purely, simply human, but she gave birth to the true Son of God. Therefore, she is rightly called and truly is the Mother of God.—FC Ep VIII:12

Christ Jesus was in one person at the same time true and eternal God, begotten of the Father from eternity, and a true human being, born of the most blessed Virgin Mary, as it is written, in Romans 9:5, “from them [the patriarchs] according to the flesh comes the Christ, who is over all, God blessed forever.”—FC SD VIII:6

Because of this personal union and communion of the natures, Mary, the most blessed Virgin, gave birth not to a mere, ordinary human being, but instead to a human being who is truly the Son of God the Most High, as the angel testifies. He demonstrated his divine majesty in his mother’s womb, in that he was born of a virgin without violating her virginity. Therefore, she has remained truly the Mother of God and at the same time a virgin.—FC SD VIII:24

Catechesis: Justification

Peace cannot be maintained unless people overlook and forgive certain mistakes among themselves.—Ap IV:232


And again you must know, that you have been given your state that you may humble yourself and serve others, as a nobleman serves his prince at court or at war, or a manservant or maidservant their masters and mistresses. All this you must do because it is God’s Will.—Sermons, 1544

Patristic Quote of the Day

For even though the Spirit exist in His Own Person, and is conceived of by Himself, inasmuch as He is the Spirit and not the Son, yet is He not therefore alien from Him; for He is called the Spirit of truth [John 15:26], and Christ is the Truth [John 14:6], and He proceedeth from Him, just as from God the Father.— Third Letter of St. Cyril of Alexandria to Nestorius, read and accepted at the Council of Ephesus, 431.

14 August 2022

I always like to share this…

…when August 15th rolls around. This year I posted it up on the Eve of the Dormition on Gottesdienst

11 August 2022

Where does the time fly?

Today is our oldest daughter’s 35th birthday. She’s halfway to 70 (as I keep reminding her!). Happy birthday, Lauren Elizabeth. We love you and are so proud of you! 

10 August 2022

It’s 1:30

And it feels like a full day has already happened! Up at 5:30 (working on Wordle and Quordle) as I made coffee. Then prayed Treasury with Cindi for St. Lawrence’s Day. Privately prayed Matins with morning’s psalms, Jeremiah 49, Te Deum, Acts 9, Benedictus and then prayers from Lutheran Prayer Companion. A bit of meditation on the wounds of Christ with the Jesus Prayer. Reading from Day by Day (your daily bit of Luther), Larger Catechism, and a section from the Apology, and wrapped up with C. S. Lewis. Workout as I listened to Ezekiel (some of the racier bits today!) and did 200 pushups, 24 pull ups, 24 45 lb KB swings. Then out for a walk and what a delightful morning it was: the birds were belting out their own joyful Matins and Lauds! Home for shave and quick shower, after which I walked around a bit more inside the house to get miles up to 5. I love to have the five miles under the belt before 9 a.m., but it wasn’t till 9:10 I finished today. Still, I’ll take it. Then down to LPR studio to record a promo and three shows (with a Starbucks stop on the way). Home to cut grass, grab a bite to eat, and then write the next podcast. I debated getting in the pool, but it’s barely 80 and cloudy. Think I’ll pass on that today. So now I’m sitting here with a glass of wine and aimlessly blogging. 

I did decide to revert to older workout schedule. My intent going forward is to do the 200 - 24 - 24 on Monday-Friday, and to aim for at least 5 miles of walking Monday-Saturday. Sunday I’ll settle for 2.5. 

Still coming up is Vespers (evening psalms; Jeremiah 50; Magnificat; Hebrews 13; Nunc Dimittis; and Gerhard’s daily prayer), Dinner, and God willing, a game of Liverpool in which Dave, Lois, and Cindi will behave themselves (that is, let me win!). 

09 August 2022

Gerhard’s Model Daily Prayer

This is provided in his marvelous, multi volume Schola Pietatis. 

O holy and righteous God, merciful Father, You are One, eternal, true God in three distinct Persons. God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I confess and lament from the bottom of my heart that I, a person conceived and born in sin from my infancy on up to this present hour, have sinned against You daily and frequently. I have sinned knowingly and unknowingly, inwardly and outwardly, in thought, word, and deed. I have sinned against the first and the second table of Your holy Ten Commandments. I have never kept them properly and perfectly. Instead, I have sinned against all of them. I confess that I additionally have made myself a partaker of various sins. As a result, all creation accuses me before Your judgment. Also, my own heart and conscience cause me anxiety for so shamefully abusing Your manifold, great blessings with my sinning. Also, I have stirred up against me Your righteous wrath. And I pray You, O Lord and God, from the bottom of my heart, that You would forgive me all this for the sake of Your beloved Son, my true Savior, Jesus Christ, and for the sake of His precious merit and His perfectly availing payment.

Along with this, I thank You, O gracious and faithful God! I thank You for all Your blessing which You have so richly and abundantly shown me, that You have so wondrously formed me in my mother’s womb and allowed me to be born into this world alive. I thank You that You have graciously sustained me and provided for every need of my body and life in a fatherly fashion. That You have redeemed me from sin, death, devil, and hell through Christ, that You have sent Your only begotten Son into the flesh for my benefit and gave Him up into death—even death on the cross—for me. That You, through Your holy Word, have called me into the fellowship of Your kingdom of grace. I thank You that You waited with great patience for my conversion, that my heart’s conversion through the Holy Spirit was so mighty. That by grace all my sins are forgiven. That You have sustained me with good resolution and have richly bestowed on me all sorts of blessings in body and soul. That in Holy Baptism, You received me as Your dear child into Your covenant of grace. Also that You, in the holy Lord’s Supper, have fed and given me to drink of the true body and blood of Jesus Christ. That You up to now have protected me from many kinds of dangers and misfortunes and that You, by grace, have given me the sure promise of eternal life in Christ Jesus, my Savior.

Furthermore, I ask of You, almighty God and Father, that You would subdue and kill off the old man in me. Give to me and increase in me faith, love, hope, humility, patience, meekness, chastity, and all other Christian virtues. Grant that I, in my heart, spurn temporal thins and truly long for eternal things. Through Your Holy Spirit’s implantation of Your grace confer on me that I may deny and overcome the world. May I at all times find comfort amidst tribulation, true rest for my soul. Grant that I overcome in every adversity. May I be guarded against the devil’s power and cunning. Grant that I may finally depart from this life in peace and joy, and someday arise on Judgment Day to eternal life.

Last of all, I commend to You, O faithful God, Your holy Christian Church. May You graciously uphold it, increase it, and rule over it. Give us faithful teachers and preachers in schools and churches in order to open the hearts of the hearers, and direct them to follow Your Word with child-like obedience. Also, may You also grant that rulers and subjects, house fathers and house mothers, children and relatives, servants and maidens all faithfully fulfill their duties and Your will. I especially commend to You the authorities over me, my relatives and benefactors. May You please reward them for all the good they have shown to me. I also pray to You for all my enemies and persecutors. May You please overcome and convert them. I pray to You on behalf of all those in need. May You graciously grant counsel, comfort, and help to anxious and sorrowful hearts. Also, in general, may You have mercy upon all mankind. O faithful God and Father, would You please give ear to this prayer for the sake of Jesus Christ, Your beloved Son and our Savior and Redeemer. Amen. Schola Pietatis II:128-131 (I cannot commend the purchase of these volumes from Repristination Press highly enough!)

Oops! Yesterday I missed…

…posting on this fine young lad’s TENTH birthday! Goodness, how did that happen so quickly? Happy birthday (a day late), Sawyer Dean, oldest grandson! Love you much!

07 August 2022

Merry Christmas…to us!

This weekend we received last year’s Christmas gift from the kids: a weekend together at a location of our choosing. We selected Kentucky Dam Village because it was the closest location. The Herberts camped there all week, joined on Thursday by the Ibisches. The Weedons (younger and older) arrived Friday and were housed in cottages (neither of us being great fans of camping out). We enjoyed a meal together (sort of) in the Harbor Lights Restaurant the first evening. Then spent the morning at the pool all together. Some quiet time in the afternoon, getting the kids out of the sun. For supper, we congregated at David and Meaghan’s cabin, feasted on pizza and adult beverage (well, the adults did anyway), and played some Secret Hitler. This morning we met at 8 a.m. at Cracker Barrel and had two tables for all 19 of us. Then off to St. Paul’s in Paducah (with its East wall altar), where we had the joy of witnessing both an adult baptism and an adult confirmation, heard a Gospel drenched sermon (on the historic one year series, no less! Thank you, Pr. Appold!!!), sang LSB Divine Service 3 in harmony, received the Supper with joy, got to see and hug Craig Stroh (former member of St. Paul’s, Hamel) and Kim Sales (bonus: got to hear Kim do a great job on the organ!), and then headed our separate ways. It was wild and crazy as all our family gatherings are, but thanks be to God for the time together. A few pics for you and they’re all in a jumble; sorry!:

04 August 2022

Patristic Quote of the Day

The books that are opened are indicative of the deeds and of the conscience of each person. There is but one book of life in which the names of the saints are written.—Andrew of Caesarea

Catechesis: Justification

We never satisfy the law! So we must always run back to the promise.—Ap IV:164, 165


The discipline of the flesh follows, to mortify its coarse and evil lust and win peace and rest. Such lusts must be overcome with fasting and watching and work. Thus we learn why and how much we should fast, watch, and work…. Therefore I leave it to every man to choose for himself the days, the food, and the amount of fasting, but he must not leave it at that, but keep watch over his flesh; inasmuch as he finds it lascivious and wanton, he should discipline it with fasting, watching, working, and more.—Sermon on Good Works, 1520

02 August 2022

Patristic Quote of the Day

One might interpret the birds in a negative way and regard them as the transgressing angels. Having led their followers into destruction, these angels are said to have fulfilled their evil desire and to be filled with the flesh of the lost.—Primasius on Rev. 19:21


Hence there are few who acknowledge and believe that they are sinners. For how can a man confess he is a sinner if he cannot bear a word directed against his actions and plans, but immediately flies into a temper and swears that he is sincere and is doing good, and that it is wrong to oppose him and perverse to reject him?—Commentary on Romans

Catechesis: Justification

Paul is writing about faith that receives the forgiveness of sins in a terrified heart and flees from sin. Such faith does not remain in those who obey their desires, neither does it dwell with mortal sin.—Ap IV:144

For in this life we cannot satisfy the Law, because the sinful nature does not stop bringing forth evil inclinations and desires, even though the Spirit in us resists them.—Ap IV:146

31 July 2022

Here’s our table…

…partially set for our post-church luncheon:

See that little bit of bench sticking out? It hit me today that the man who made it, my grandmother’s grandfather, Thomas Pemberton, was born over 200 years ago, all the way back in 1821. And at least since my father and uncle came along a century after Thomas was born, little Weedon posteriors have seated themselves upon it, often for Sunday meals. Today three little Weedon bottoms were still planted on it: Lydia, Oliver, and Henry. I don’t think they have the first clue that they are the great-great-great-great grandchildren of the man who built it, and built it to last.

If you have not yet discovered…

…the joy of a Sunday afternoon with Luther’s Postils, might I heartily commend this old practice to you? Many a Lutheran in years of old would not only enjoy the preaching of his or her pastor on Sunday morning, but would spend the afternoon also with a sermon from Luther. We are blessed to have both the House Postils (they are theologically more mature over all) and the Church Postils in English. 

Now, don’t be put off if you find a sermon such as the one for Epiphany in the Church Postil! It goes on far too long for a real sermon that would actually be delivered from a pulpit (I think Luther wrote that one while locked up in Wartburg and had nothing else to do but translate the Bible and preach to himself!). Yet even that one is filled with great insights; you just have to read it in bite sized chunks. 

Today, though, I read the Church Postil on the Epistle for this Sunday (the conclusion of Romans 6; and anyone who imagines Luther was the original antinomian needs to check it out). It was truly golden. We are blessed to be heirs a most insightful teacher of the Sacred Scriptures! And, something Pr. Wolfmueller and I have discussed before: he’s also really funny. He is romping around the Scriptures with all the joy and delight of a child at home in his Father’s house. And sometimes he puts things in a way that will leave you chuckling. Give it a whirl, folks. It’s a wonderful part of godly Lutheran piety.

So as I sat in my car…

…waiting for Cindi to get in (let the married men understand…) to head up to Church, I was just overwhelmed this morning with the realization of how utterly blessed we are. We are getting into a car to drive FIVE MINUTES to the greatest Lutheran Church in the world. Our Kantor was taking a well-earned weekend off, but here that’s no problem because as of right now there are SEVEN organists in the congregation total (yes, seriously). Seven organists in one country parish. So even with Kantor gone, this morning Pr. Daenzer regaled us with Pachelbel and Böhm. Pastor, Vicar, and Seminarian Preston (all traditionally vested) served up a most reverent and faithful Divine Service for Trinity 7. My son, David, served as cantor for both Divine Services today. His singing was (as always) bold, beautiful and most importantly, clear. Every word was easy to understand without reference to the bulletin for either Gradual or Alleluia Verse. Pastor’s sermon was beautiful beyond words, particularly in a parish where we’ve had a tragic and unexpected death and various other hardships and griefs this week. The comfort of the Gospel rang through: God who is near, who sees our every need, who comes into the flesh to provide us with a heavenly food that exceeds all we could dare to hope for or desire, and promises us forgiveness, resurrection, life everlasting. We welcomed the latest organist (our new teacher, Barbara Rattelmueller) after the homily, and then we interceded together for the Church, the world, and those near and dear to us. We lifted up the sorrows and joys to the throne of God in Christ’s name. Shortly thereafter, kneeling between my beloved wife and father-in-law, I received the true body and blood of my Savior. Back in the pew, after a prayer of thanks, to join in two hymns during the Distribution, but then an astonishing gift as the distribution was concluding. Pr. Daenzer played but two pitches from the organ and then sang unaccompanied to us Luther’s “In peace and joy I now depart.” Cindi said she had tears in her eyes. My own heart was just filled to overflowing as those beautiful words and haunting melody came floating down over the congregation. At the close of the communion liturgy, we all belted out a raucous “Guide Me Ever Great [Jehovah, as my wife insisted on singing] Redeemer.” Yes, we at St. Paul’s are blessed way, way beyond words. Thank You, Lord, for Prs. Ball and Gleason, and their clear Gospel preaching; thank You for our Vicar and seminarians; thank You for the wonderful family of God that gathers here; thank You for Your Word and Sacrament offered in such beauty and with both grace and joy, affording us a blessed foretaste of the age to come; thank You for our godly Principal and his hardworking staff, all dedicated to serving up a top-notch classical education for the children of our parish (and community). Thank you for all Your boundless blessings! “Glory to God for all things!”