02 July 2015

More Pics from Gottesdienst, St. Louis

You really missed a great conference if you weren't at this Gottesdienst extravaganza. Of course, the worship was refreshing and joyful, but the presentations and discussions were outstanding. Pr. Larry Beane, Pr. David Petersen, Pr. Heath Curtis...each delivered thought-provoking papers, and the open disagreement about how to proceed in the panel discussion toward the end, was actually quite illuminating. Adam as head of the three hierarchies: husband, priest, king. A letter from Madison to our very own St. Matthew's in Manhattan. The pre rehearsal rehearsal for the wedding. Keep your eye out on Gottesdienst Online to see if the papers are posted.

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Miguel Barcelos said...

Great pics. I had never seen a church whose baptismal font was in the center of the church. What a great design! Congratulations!