17 June 2016

I love days like today...

...I'm sitting here with cup of tea, watching the light fade on the wall, as some Bach plays. I'm tired in a very good way. Walked over 9 and half miles, did 550 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, finished and shipped off a major writing project, edited two important items for upcoming convention, did a radio show, outlined next book and shipped notes off to editors for feedback, feasted on the Word in Treasury with Cindi this morning and in chapel with Dr. Hagan as two domestic missionaries were sent forth and Dr. Hagan preached a great homily on the Waiting Father from Luke 15. Got in half an hour in the pool when I got home before Cindi and I enjoyed a dinner of leftovers on the deck. She had her patriotic concert tonight with Collinsville Chorale (I usually take a pass on that one!). A wonderful day indeed.

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