24 June 2012

Shortly off to Pallotine Retreat Center

where the Concordia Deaconess Conference (or at least a large part of the same) will gather to begin their conference.  I REALLY wish I could be at the entire conference - not only to visit with the Deacs but because two of my all-time favorite teachers will be presenting:  Prs. Bruce Keseman and Randy Asburry.  The topic this year?  Unpacking the parables of Jesus.  I hope to at least get to listen in on some. 

The fly in the ointment, as it were, is that running concurrently with the Deaconess Conference is the Missionary Orientation at the International Center.  The theme for this year's Orientation?  Credo:  Created...to live forever!  The theme verse is from 1 John 5:  God has given us eternal life and this life is in His Son.  Part of the first week will involve five catechetical sessions on the Creed, and particularly attending to the Large Catechism's handy unpacking of the same.  Looking forward to that too.  And each day of the two week experience will wrap up with singing Evening Prayer.  I'll have to miss the first one of those because of celebrating the Divine Service at the Deaconess Conference. 

It promises to be a crazy, joy-filled, delightful week or two!

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