27 March 2013

Jo Left Cindi and Me Her Journal

and all I can say is: Wow. Such a wonderful read. She wrote in the beginning that I could use it as I saw fit in preaching or teaching. I think I might share some excerpts on this blog. It is very moving, as a faithful Christian woman wrestles with the promises...waiting for a healing that would not come in this life. More later, but some appetizers:

"I really hate it when I miss church and communion. I feel like something is amiss. My healing comes at the communion feast. There is something very personal and uplifting when I take of God's body and blood. I'll ask Bill to give me communion this week - very important to me."

"As I sit in church a peace comes over me, a quietness, communion with the Lord, the lighting of the candles. I wish it was Christmas every day of the year."

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Sue said...

What a treasure! I'm sure you feel really blessed to have it. Looking forward to more "shares". Your family is in my prayers.