17 October 2013


My sister, Marie (whom we always called Sis or Sissy) and her husband Jimmy arrived today. Looking forward to several days of visiting. We get to spend far too little time together. Last time they were out in Illinois was, I believe, for Thanksgiving (the year David and Meaghan had just begun to date). They've always been a very special part of my life - Sis was like a second mom in so many ways, and Jimmy was amazingly patient and kind. He lived across the street when I was little and he used to be our mail man. I remember when he took Sissy to the prom and the long pale blue dress she wore (with cape). Jimmy had a red Impala. After they were married, they had pity on the poor younger brother and often took me on trips with them (I especially remember the beach, both at the Chesepeak and at Ocean City). Now we're all old. Sis and Jimmy even have a great grandchild, Brayden. But the memories are still wonderful to treasure. Glad they'll be here for a few days.

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