07 May 2014

Calves under protest

after running for two days. A bit more than a half hour today. Those puppies are TIGHT and I'm hobbling around. Tempted to run again tomorrow just to force them to get with the program. Been way too long since I ran regularly and I am loving the feeling it gives, but not the tight muscles.


Paul said...

Not sure what your goals are, but a lot of the top trainers do not recommend jogging or running for developing fitness because of the high incidence of injury and long term wear and tear on joints. It does have ancillary benefits (outdoor exercising, runners high, conducive to thinking, etc.), which can make it worth the trade offs. The typical cycle is a running regime that leads to inflammation or overuse injury, excessive use of anti-inflammatory to allow continued training, injury, rehab, repeat... You'll find some coaches that argue unless you plan to compete in a running event there are much smarter, more efficient, and less risky approaches. Just throwing it out there!

William Weedon said...

Oh, no doubt. I'm not a big time runner. Never have been. I just like to jog along sometimes. Expends a bit of energy, gets me out in the sun, and breaks up the day. Walking is my favorite, though, and always will be. In fact, it wasn't until I went for a long walk with Cindi that the calves FINALLY stopped seizing up on me.