24 July 2014

Stopped in

again at St. Paul's as we headed up to Rich's to pick up Cindi's vehicle. The floors are both looking fantastic. I can't even begin to describe what it's like for our parish. We are all so very eager just to be able to pray again in that hallowed space, to sing before the altar, to receive from it our Lord's body and blood. Yes, we have been very blessed despite the fire. But the anticipation among us all is building to fevered pitch to be back HOME. That's the word. St. Paul's is our home. It's the place our pastors read the Word to us and preach the saving Gospel; the place we gather and sing the holy liturgy; the place we receive the most holy Eucharist and rejoice with new sisters and brothers in the baptismal waters; the place we gather to lay our dead to rest in the hope of the resurrection. I have been amazed at the emotional (and dare I say, spiritual?) difficulty of this past year, not having our church HOME to gather in. The renovations are all stunning and beautiful, and they are a very good stewardship of this place we've been entrusted with and will bless the next generations. And yet we all just want to "go home" - to be back in our beloved nave. It's very near, God willing.


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I think of "heaven" so concretely as the space in the chancel and nave of my church. So yes, when the chancel was under renovation, when we were worshipping down the hall in the large gathering room, somehow it wasn't right. Yes, God's word was still there, being preached; we still had the font; we still had the Supper. But to be in the sacred space is better. That may be overly emotional, but I still think it's better.