01 August 2014

Well, WOW. Just WOW.

The musicians of the LCMS are simply beyond good. They MADE the institute's worship. Thank you to them all, and I won't try to list you all, because I'll leave someone out! But wow.

Above all the service pictured here, the opening Divine Service. This was beyond shadow of doubt the most beautiful, reverent and joyful Divine Service I have ever attended anywhere. Wow. From President Harrison's homily (Joseph's pants!) to Pastor Esget's reverent and gracious presiding, from Jeff Blersch's sensitivity in organ leadership (disappearing at times so the four part chant could take over, and at other times using the organ to give full voice to our joy in the Lord) to the musicianship of the assembly itself. ALL of it worked together to the full glory of God and the overwhelming comfort of poor sinners. Thank you, one and all who participated.

Here's a taste of the heaven we enjoyed:

Agnus Dei

and from the Hymn festival:

All My Heart

I am particularly appreciative of Deaconess Sandra Bowers who is the one who is primarily responsible for making this dream come true! And to Pr. Ball and Pr. Esget for serving as our chaplains.


Anonymous said...

Will we out here get to hear the homily or more of the music? The little taste was wonderful.

William Weedon said...

More on my FB page...