15 October 2014


again after a wonderful time in Texas at Built on the Rock: Christ, Culture and Sacred Music. Pr. Todd Wilken, Dr. Charles Ore and yours truly got to present and it was a lot of fun. I am very, very thankful, howevever, to be home again. Dorothy had it right. There's no place like it. I am sitting here on this cloudy, chilly day in my recliner with faithful Lucy dozing beside me, a glass of wine at my side and a good book on my iPad. Ah, if only it gets a little more chilly I may well throw a match on the fire (it's ready to go!)...just hope I remember to open the damper. 


Kathleen in CA said...

Happy you're back home because that means you're hosting "Thy Strong Word"!! And you should have Todd Wilken on with you frequently- that study was FANTASTIC!

William Weedon said...

Thanks, Kathleen! I really do LOVE working through the Scriptures on that show and Wilken is a GREAT guest.