05 December 2014

+ Dr. Lee Maxwell

Asleep in Jesus. Rest in peace, dear and faithful friend. 


Fr. Gregory Hogg said...

I still remember the first time I met you both, at the Ft. Wayne seminary. How interesting the path from there has been for all of us! Your loquaciousness and his taciturnity that day put me in mind of Hermes and Zeus respectively.

May his memory be eternal.

William Weedon said...

Robb, you had me laughging with that. Yes, I fondly remember the meeting. My favorite Lee memory, though, was from Valpo. He and I had driven up for the institute. Well, I had driven. I made reservations, but being me utterly forgot which hotel they were at. I was thinking there was only one, and when I went to it, no reservations. Lee was already exasperated with me by then. But then we leave, and I'm assuring him as we drive off that I'm sure we'll find it before long. Then I said: "Lee, look at that. Isn't that the oddest things. They've hung those stop lights backwards." I never put it together. He immediately shouts: "Bill, you idiot! You're on the wrong side of a divided highway." A quick cross over the median, though a little bumpy, got us righted. He said: "I am NEVER going anywhere with you driving ever again." That was years ago, but he never trusted me behind the wheel ever again. We laughed about it just this April.