22 April 2015

One of those insane days...

Before I left last night, put out all the hymnals (from several rooms) in Wyneken to use for the opening devotion for Foundation's Gift Giving Counselors. Last night, sleep was scarce (but on the other hand, I did figure out what to do for devotion and what I was preaching for chapel). This morning, with signs warning of impending closing of yet another lane on the Poplar, I thought I'd see how bad the southern route is (swinging around to the IC on 270 to the south). MISTAKE. Devotions were supposed to start at 8:10 and I arrived at IC like at 7:56. Ran to building, ran up stairs, printed off my devotion, ran back downstairs, and Foundation folks are asking where are the song sheets? I explain I put hymnals in. But, of course, they were not there. They were put away by the building people last night, who were rather grumpy that someone left them stacked in Wyneken. Sigh. Run to the rooms to get hymnals together AGAIN. Lead devotion. Head upstairs to ready Chapel, for which I am to preach. Notice that someone is listed to play that I hadn't seen around. Double check. He never got word. Quickly finish up board report that is due on Thursday. Run downstairs to practice music. Lead chapel between the ambo and the piano, going back and forth. Chapel finishes and I cover up piano and head back upstairs to finish up prep for radio show. Print stuff off and run into a friend who invites me to check out their new banners. Downstairs again. Then back upstairs and into the radio studio, where the guest was NOT online. Sigh. They finally get him, and he does a fine job. Finish show and Henry lets me know my boarding pass for tomorrow's flight is on my backpack, and touches base very quickly with the music for the Ascension liturgy. Run back downstairs to locker room, change and head out the door to run for half an hour. Susan sees me running and tells me I had done enough running in the building today. I think she was right. Supplied stuff for Synod Facebook for Good Shepherd Sunday. Recorded the Chapel announcements for next week and got that down to front desk. Met with my boss for a bit. Printed out tomorrow's schedule of meetings in Chicago. Went back to Foundation meeting and grabbed the hymnals with help from Christine and put those all away. Packed up and headed out. Did I mention that I didn't sleep hardly at all last night? Can I go to bed NOW???? [Still not done: final editing for Prayers for June and two articles that are due to Adriane...GULP].

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