17 May 2016

Delightful Conference

What joy to attend the Gottesdiesnt Conference on AC XIV! Three wonderful sermons (Petersen, Ball, Eckardt), three beautiful liturgies (Matins, Divine Service, and Vespers), three papers well prepared and delivered (Braaten, Curtis, Eckardt), a fine address by President Harrison, and some good and lively discussion. 

Random reflections on the worship:

The ringing harmonies of Venite and Te Deum...the joy of chanting Psalm 85...the intense praying that was evident as we sang "To God the Holy Spirit, Let Us Pray"...the reverent reading of the Word...solid preaching (not once or twice but thrice!)...the careful handling of our Lord's body and blood both in consecration and as we knelt to receive it from the hands of the Lord's servants...the unaccompanied singing of Let All Mortal Flesh...the simplicity of Vespers...clouds of incense at Magnificat...collects offered at the Daily Office always odd in number (3 at Matins, 5 at Vespers)...the gift that is Pentecost Tuesday. 

Conclusions: NOTHING beats the old Common Service and the prayer offices. No creation of the 20th or 21st century even comes close.

A good day. A very good day.


Mark Leckband said...

I plead ignorance. Why in the prayer offices are the collects odd in number?

The Rev. BT Ball said...

It is pointing to God Himself and His loving the odd number in the Scriptures - the odd number of the Trinity 3 in 1, the 7 of creation days plus rest day, 7 spirits around the throne, 7 petitions of the Our Father, etc. You can't go more than seven and no less than 1.

Mark Leckband said...

Thank you for the explanation!