19 July 2016


This has been one very hectic time. In the last several weeks I've been to Nashville for Higher Things, Milwaukee for Synod Convention, and to New Orleans for National Youth Gathering. Sitting right now in the NOLA airport waiting to fly to Dallas and then home to St. Louis. I've had opportunity to do a bit of reflecting while I've been on the road and I came to a realization: just because one can do something reasonably well, doesn't mean that one needs to be doing it. I've decided I'm done with the travelling to speak at conferences. Saying "yes" to that was saying "no" to other things that I really want to do: putting time on "Thy Strong Word" on KFUO, working on Issues, and doing more writing. I'm going to be investing heavily in those things going forward and turn down the public speaking. I still have a conference that I promised to do out in New York in September, but I do believe that that finishes my commitments at present and I'm delighted to see the slate cleared and be able to focus on a number of projects close at hand. But first just to get home and put away the computer and just chill for a few days. I. Can't. Wait.

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