26 November 2017

A Rough Sunday

In our parish. Our family in Christ lost two members last week: Gary and Adam. Both were dear to so many of us. Another member had a stroke and is hospitalized. Another member just got out of the hospital after a heart issue. Word reached this morning that former vacancy pastor, Pastor Gary Galen had also fallen asleep in Jesus.

And then God gives us the Last Sunday...with its comforting readings and the most astounding hymns.

Kantor and Pastor both preached this morning, both gave the comfort of the promised resurrection and our desired reunion with those we love. Wachet Auf from the Schübler chorales kicked off. Then we sang "The Bridegroom Soon Shall Call Us." This is the hymn pastor highlighted in Bible Class. It just doesn't get better or more comforting, and with tears in our eyes we can DANCE to that hymn. The hymn of the day, of course, the King of the Lutheran Chorales: "Wake, Awake." Pastor's sermon was spot on good news. Not destined to wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. The closing hymn was "Rejoice, Rejoice, Believers!" Christian Meinzen added his trumpet to these great hymns (and a couple others) and "fueled up" by the sermon and the Supper we sang defiantly.

Death hasn't won. Not over Gary. Not over Adam. It will not win over us. The Bridegroom will come and call us to the wedding feast.

In that fair home shall never
Be silent music's voice.

Come, Lord Jesus! Come, quickly!

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William Gleason said...

In that fair home shall never
Be silent music's voice

That's the exact same stanza that stood out to me. Thanks.