30 December 2017

A bit of a whirlwind trip...

...up to Sheldon, Wisconsin to spend a couple days with the Herberts, as Lauren was having a bit of minor surgery. I tried an expirament and left my iPad Pro at home and found out that the iPhone 8 Plus worked just super all by itself.

Cindi, of course, tried the inverse experiment. She brought her iPad mini AND LEFT IT UP THERE. Ugh. She’s debating leaving it until Lauren makes the trek down this way for Bekah’s shower. I’m skeptical, but she pointed out that none of our children use their iPads much at all anymore; they all rely on their phones almost exclusively. We’ll see.

It was, of course, bitter cold. The temperature this morning was -16 with a windchill of -34. But whenever I was tempted to complain, I thought of those poor Amish (they live in the midst of many of them!), driving with their horses and buggies! Brrrrrr.

Some pics...

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