16 May 2018

An Interesting Piece on Gottesdiesnt

By Dr. Stephenson, addressing why Lutherans (who stand with our Confessions) ought to care and care a great deal about the trouble that is brewing among our Roman brothers and sisters. Give it a read and let Dr. Stephenson know your thoughts in the comments section:

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Carl Vehse said...

The Church Fellowship/Eucharistic Fellowship 'hot potato' was tossed back and forth in the LCMS between the CCM, in its October 2 and October 21-22, 2002, Minutes (Sect. 63. Interpretation of Article VI 1 b of the Constitution (02-2278) and Sect., 71. Interpretation of Article VI 2 b (02-2278)), and the CTCR, in its February 12, 2010, "Response to [a September 7, 2009] 'Request for CTCR Opinion Concerning Continued Eligibility of an Inactive Emeritus Member Under Article VI of the Constitution of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod'."

Finally the CCM issued its hairsplitting Opinion 11-2598: "Interpretation of Constitution Art. VI 2 b" (CCM February 10-12, 2012, Minutes, Sect. 91) that "partaking" in a heterodox communion is not "taking part" (Theilnahme) in a heterodox communion, as that phrase is used in Article VI, paragraph 2 b of the LCMS Constitution.