24 July 2018

On the way home from the funeral

My glasses broke. This is the second time in only a couple months and they were not yet two years old. David told me to get my prescription and buy from Warby Parker over the net. Wow! I got my prescription from the eye doc and then placed my order from home on Monday afternoon. On Friday afternoon my glasses arrived, and I absolutely love them. Solid frames, and they're working great. AND for every pair they sell, they donate one to someone who can't afford glasses. How sweet is that? And, if you want, they'll send you several test pairs to check out. I knew what I wanted, so didn't go that route. I'm still getting used to this internet econmy, but I love it when something like this comes along. I am keeping their app on my phone. Next time you need glasses, check them out!


Anonymous said...

With that beard, are you sure you aren't still leaning East? ;)

William Weedon said...

I once had someone say: “You’re looking Orthodox these days.” To which I responded: “Was it the tats or the piercings that gave it away?” :)