03 December 2022

Well, it’s been interesting…

…My friend Stephanie pointed out that with Illinois’ change of law, hearing aids are much cheaper and you can order and try them with no doctor’s appointment. And if you’ve ever had to endure my constant “what?”, you know I needed them. Just ask the poor kids at St. Paul’s school! So, I went shopping online and found a promising pair at Walmart (for just $188!) and they even charge overnight (so no changing of batteries!!!). 

My first choir rehearsal wearing them was definitely an improvement. I could hear Kantor’s instructions clearly, which I had been struggling to hear before. And last night I went to the Collinsville Chorale Christmas concert and, well, WOW! The difference to me was truly shocking. I could understand what the choir was singing, at least most of the time. 

The only down side, thus far, is that my ear canals are a bit sore from the foreign object persistently in them. I figure that will mend in time. I’m really looking forward to experiencing Church with them, and seeing if I can hear the sermon better. 

Cindi has threatened to drag me to the Muny next summer (I always hated it because it was a boring, two hour waste of time, since I just couldn’t make out anything they were singing). We’ll have to see about that! It might still be a boring waste of time even if I CAN figure out what they’re singing! 

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