01 January 2024

Happy New Year, one and all!

We had a delightful evening with old friends and new yesterday. However, I’m sad to report, pinochle is an excessively stupid game. Just sayin’.

This morning we got up for our morning walk to see the sunrise (brr…), ate a bite of breakfast (duck eggs served over ground beef and bacon), and then off to the Divine Service. We had some 84 people show up to celebrate the Circumcision of Our Lord this morning. Amazing! And a whole pile of them were younger folk. 

Got in a nice and leisurely workout this morning, several walks, and then a brief nap before we had our midday meal. Our meal was a Christmas gift from the Herberts: 

Yes, that’s a tomahawk ribeye, cooked to perfection. It was major yumminess. For World Carnivore Month (January), we’re doing (mostly) BBBE. That is: Beef, Bacon, Butter, and Eggs. However, we are still consuming our raw milk and yoghurt from the farm. I don’t know about you, but I’m calling that beef since it comes from a cow. 

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