30 March 2024

The Easter Feast

….not THAT one, the “after” feast. My friend Jamie wanted to know what the Weedons were serving, so here is this year’s menu: 

Appetizers of assorted cheeses, crackers or pork rinds, with sliced summer sausage.

Main course is roast lamb loin for those who care for that, and then lots of ground lamb-beef-feta balls for those who find the lamb by itself to be a little offputting (that would be me!). The lamb-beef-feta balls will be topped with either tzaziki or alfredo (I’m going with the alfredo myself).

Side dishes include Saganaki (cheese doused with brandy and set alight, though we’re trying a different of cheese for that this year), grapes, pitas, tortellini (again with Alfredo), and salad. 

Dessert for Cindi and I will be Oopsy-cakes (no carb, save for the lemon peel) and for everyone else Baklava. 

Cindi and I also plan on downing some of our Tres Generaciones tequila tomorrow with a splash of Topo Chico sparkling water and a lime. But there will also be Limoncello, some wines, and “the house wine of the South” (aka iced tea).

That’s about it!  

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