21 March 2006

Happy Birthday, Bekah!

Today the beautiful Rebekah Lee turns 15. And she already got her birthday present - her very own cell-phone. Now she is officially a REAL teenager (this is said to be determined by the possession of the phone, not her actually getting older). I still remember the day this girl was born - a beautiful and warm day in North Carolina, Spring in full swing. Looking outside the window today...well, a little different. Several inches of snow. I love snow, but NOT on my daughter's birthday. Ick! Nevertheless, may God grant her a joyful year of growth in His grace and love. We love, you Bekah Boo!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rebekah!

'Tis hard to believe that she is as old as she is ... I remember when ....

And she is indeed a lovely young lady!

Glory to God!

Many years!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bekah-Boo!

Anonymous said...

whoops - that was me


Chaz said...

Happy birthday, Bekah!

Mimi said...

Happy, happy Birthday! Many years to you!

(I have a 15 year old myself)