02 March 2006

Wisdom! Let us attend!

There are other things, however, which are different in different places and countries: e.g., some fast on Saturday, others do not; some partake daily of the Body and Blood of Christ, others receive it on stated days: in some places no day passes without the sacrifice being offered; in others it is only on Saturday and the Lord's day, or it may be only on the Lord's day. In regard to these and all other variable observances which may be met anywhere, one is at liberty to comply with them or not as he chooses; and there is no better rule for the wise and serious Christian in this matter, than to conform to the practice which he finds prevailing in the Church to which it may be his lot to come. For such a custom, if it is clearly not contrary to the faith nor to sound morality, is to be held as a thing indifferent, and ought to be observed for the sake of fellowship with those among whom we live. - St. Augustine, Epistle 54


Paul said...

I wonder if St Augustine ever imagined that churches would have Mass without celebrating the Eucharist? Were there churches around that did not offer it at least every Lords Day? Is offering communion frequently a thing indifferent?

William Weedon said...

No, I think it's safe to say that St. Augustine could not envision a Lord's Day without the offering of the Eucharist. He knew that not all places offered it daily; some did; some twice or three times a week. But it was always offered on the Lord's Day. Offering it frequently is NOT a thing indifferent - though to say so, one will doubtlessly be termed a "legalist." : )

Wartburg said...

Pastor Weedon,
I Love those A. Augustine quotes you share with us. Some Snow out here in the Holy Land of NJ today. Actually there was more in Southern New England where I was a traveling today. Hey,
that "Southern Man" in you is cool. I read what you wrote about your ROOTS, very good stuff. There's a brother at Church who is ALL SOUTH. He's got the Flag with the big Star and ALL. I tell,"Hey, This is Jersey, we don't need this over here, you know what I mean MaMaLuke?" I think he gets it.