29 April 2006

Proud Pappa

I just have to tell you how proud I am of David and Bekah for their work in the play. One of our members sat beside me at intermission and asked if I hadn't done drama as a teenager. I told her: No way. I was way too frightened to get up on stage and act. She was surprised. But it's true: in high school I don't think you could have dragged me onto the stage with a team of horses. My wife is another story!

But watching David and Bekah up on stage tonight, I was filled with great joy. I'm so thankful they go to a Lutheran High School that encourages them to stretch the bounds of what they think possible. When they gave David a gift tonight for being a senior (all the seniors got gifts who were in the play) they introduced him as: David Weedon, our amazing Tevye. And he really was amazing.

Next year I hope that Bekah seeks a more active role. She seemed quite comfortable with what she did in this play, but I know she's afraid of memorizing lots of lines (David is a natural at memory, and both Lauren and Bekah have to work at it a bit more). Lauren pulled it off and simply SHOCKED us in Little Shop of Horrors. I know Bekah can too, and I hope she really goes for it next year.

There's a sentimental song they play on KEZK: "I hope you dance." Sentimental, but it is the way I feel for my kids: "I hope you dance!" I love you Lauren, David, and Bekah. Dance, sing, act! Have a blast, you three wonderful kids! - Your Crazy Pappa


Rosko said...

Amazing... Congratulations to your children, and may God grant them many years doing the things they enjoy!


Anna said...

i still think david looks like a muppet with that beard.

William Weedon said...

An amazing muppet, though!

Mimi said...

Many years indeed!

Eric said...

Pastor Weedon,

Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for your children and for fathering with your readers. This is a great article (and I love that sappy country music song).

I was wondering if you would be willing to share your thoughts on the relative value of home-schooling, parochial-schooling and public-schooling. My wife was entirely home-schooled, until college; and she would like to home-school our children. I grew up mostly in parochial schools with some home-schooling, but some of my younger siblings went to public school. I can be an enthusiastic supporter of home-schooling up until high school -- after that I'm not so sure. I'd consider it, but I'm just not sure... so I'm interested in your thoughts and/or experiences.

Thanks again for the posted article and the picture.


William Weedon said...

Dear Eric,

Thanks for the kind words.

About schooling, if possible, I'd go with home-schooling. We were planning on that until we took a call to a parish with a school. Our kids have had a great experience in the parochial school (they've gone from K-12 in the Lutheran system), but I have always suspected that they could have done even better at home.

My SIL is a home-schooler and two oldest also did the high school bit at home. It worked well. They've started taking college courses before they finish up. Her middle child is now in school, and that was a great decision on their part - she's doing super there.

So I'd opt for home if possible; but I'd stay attuned to the needs of each child and recognize that not every child will be able to make it all the way through at home, though most, I suspect, will.

That's my $.02.


Eric said...

Thank you... You are definitely right about every child being different. I'm looking forward to the adventure.

God bless!