04 April 2006


My SIL tagged me for these questions:

1. How many Bibles in your home? 30 (not counting the ones I use most often IN my iBook!)
2. What rooms are they in? The study, every bedroom, the family room.
3. What translations do you have? The Septuagint (hey, it's a translation!), NIV, NKJV, ESV, KJV, Philips, Good News, Spanish, German, AAT, New American, NASB, Jerusalem
4. Do you have a preference? My new 1611 KJV with Apocrpypha and funky spelling, saints days calendar, and other goodies.
5. Nominate an interesting verse.

How about 2 verses? Wisdome of Solomon II:23,24

For God created man to bee immortall, and made him to be an image of his owne eternitie. Neueverthelesse through enuie of the deuil came death into the world and they that doe holde of his side doe finde it.

Who to tag?
Petersen http://www.redeemer-fortwayne.org/blog.php
Fenton http://conversiaddominum.blogspot.com/
My buddy Sal (only person I know who gives me a run for my money in the hyper category!) http://lutherlebensstil.blogspot.com/
Chris Orr http://orrologion.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

That was fast!

I like your verse, even if it takes a bit to decode. I feel like I'm reading Chaucer.


christopher3rd said...

The dveil tempted Eve because of ennui?

Chaz said...

I suppose it's kinda like reading Chaucer, but the KJV is modern English while Chaucer is Middle English.