21 February 2012


as Samwise would say.  I love them.  They don't love me.  Almost no food I eat can get me sick so fast.  Ask my family.  On second thought, don't even go there.

The cool thing is that SWEET POTATOES do not do the same thing - at all!  And you can fry them up and put salt on them to your heart's content (I love kosher salt on them!).  One of my favorite extras for breakfast has become sweet tater hash browns with onions.  Good stuff!  And if you're ever eating at 54th Street Grill and order their sweet tater fries...oh, my!  Even Master Samwise wouldn't be able to find fault with those puppies (yes, Rebekah C, you can add them to my puppy list).

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Fallhiker said...

My wife makes Sweet potato oven fries (cut into Steak fry size leaving the skin on), shaken in a bag with extra virgin olive oil and Lemon pepper (instead of salt) and as a condiment, Marinara Sauce (instead of Ketchup) Once you've had these forget those weakling fries at the fast food joints.