16 February 2012

Very, very proud

of our Synodical President for his witness before Congress this a.m.  It's wonderful to see Baptists, a Roman Catholic, a Jew, and a Lutheran pastor speak unanimously to the government about this huge overstep on its part.  Beautiful.


Rich Kauzlarich said...

I agree but hope that the comment about the “good Turk” is not misunderstood.

Christopher Esget said...

A guy in a clerical collar ripping "stupid Christians" is hard for the Dems to refute ;)

Rich Kauzlarich said...

Correction: I meant "smart Turk"; misheard the sentence. More generally I worry that in our reaction to his fine statement we do not take our church into the political/government space as we ask the political/governmental side to keep out of the church's.

Dennis Peskey said...

Will our government realize the gravity of this offense?