23 May 2012


... I had a day with ZERO meetings, and so took advantage of that to get a handle on my work spaces.  At last both offices are beginning to depart from Tohu w' Bohu.  I spent much of today tidying up, going through old papers and such.  Earlier the good folks in General Services had installed my standing work station in the Director of Worship office, and today removed a part of my desk that I didn't need.  I left both offices today for the first time thinking what a joy it will be to arrive to their clean spaces tomorrow!  Home is almost completely organized; and work is not too far behind.  Yeah!  For a neat-freak, things are looking up!


Paul McCain said...

Dude, you know the rule:

Pictures or it didn't happen.

You did remember today to pray for VBS programs in the Synod?

I even sent you an Outlook reminder and you accepted it.

You are so corporate now.

William Weedon said...

Well, as long as I'm using my Mac I can pretend I'm a rebel.

Yes, we prayed for VBS today. Best of all, we had a seminarian visit. A tall, young black fellow who was Baptist, but bought the McCain edition at a bookstore one day and became persuaded that this was Biblical truth. How sweet is that? God bless Chris' studies!

Fallhiker said...

Just remember you only accomulate that amount of "Stuff" that you have room for it to accumulate. In other words more available space mean more accumulated "Stuff"