01 February 2013

Patristic Quote of the Day

From A Hymn for the Baptized:

The Angels rejoice, men here below exult:—in your feast, my brethren, wherein is no foulness.
The good things of Heaven, my brethren, ye have received:—beware of the Evil One, lest he despoil you.
The day when He dawned, the Heavenly King:—opens for you His door, and bids you enter Eden.
Crowns that fade not away, are set on your heads:—hymns of praise hourly, let your mouths sing.
Adam by means of the fruit, God cast forth in sorrow:—but you He makes glad, in the bride-chamber of joy.
Who would not rejoice, in your bridechamber, my brethren?—for the Father with His Son, and the Spirit rejoice in you.
Unto you shall the Father, be a wall of strength:—and the Son a Redeemer, and the Spirit a guard.

—St. Ephraim, the Syrian

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