25 February 2013

Treasure the Years

I have a co-worker and friend whose father has just passed away. My coworker is about 9 years older than I am - early 60's. His mom still lives. I cannot help but think of what a massive blessing it is when families are given so many years together. Treasure your family, people loved by God. Treasure them, because for so many the long years together are not granted.

I think of the triplets losing their mom so young; I think of my internet friend, Terry, whose wife died so many years ago now and left him with two young boys; I think of my own life.

Granddaddy Mastin died when I was six. Granddaddy Chance when I was 10. Grandma Bess when I was 11. My daddy when I was 19. My brother, Joe, when I was 24. My mom when I was 34. My mom did at least get to see my three children, but because of the alzheimer's I'm not sure that Rebekah ever registered.

I think of it so much now that I am a grandfather. I hope and pray that I am able to see my grandchildren grow up and really know them and they me. But whether that future is granted or not is something I have no say over. But to treasure each and every day, to savor the moments that we are granted on this wondrous pilgrimage, that I can do.

I haven't done it very well, I don't think. I intend by God's grace to do it better. Each death affecting those I love reminds me of this: our days are in His hand, written in His book, each one of them before any of them came to be. And since we know not when they will end, how wise to spend the time we we are granted in ways that will bring smiles to faces many years down the road, long after the man who writes these words has returned to the dust.

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Herr B. said...

This almost can't be said enough. My mother passed away unexpectedly in her sleep last year. The days are precious.