06 September 2013

Reflecting on Revitalization

Spring cleaning. No, not THAT kind of spring. The other kind. The kind both of my grandparents had at their farms. The springs that welled up from the ground and brought us the sweetest, most wonderful water. THAT kind of spring cleaning. They need it. They get clogged up over time, and the water stops flowing free and sweet. It stagnates. It needs some cleaning up of whatever is blocking that sweet water flow.

The Church, you see, is literally gathered around the places where the sweet springs of resurrection water spring up and overflow in this fallen age. Revitalizing begins first and foremost congregations examining the state of the spring, and working to remove whatever is blocking the sweet waters of the divine Promises from flowing without let or hinderance in its midst. It's all a matter of spring cleaning.

"I'm going out to clean the pasture spring..."

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