29 September 2013

Sunday this and that

Was surprised that St. Michael's wasn't observed at St. Paul's this morning, but since we began by singing "Lord, Thee I Love" it was all good. And pastor had a fine sermon (as usual). But at Trinity it was all stops out for St. Michael (except for the incense). Clad in damlatics, Pr. Cholak served as subdeacon; Pr. Lee as deacon. Pr. Curtis was both preacher and celebrant. I absolutely LOVED playing "Christ, the Lord of Hosts Unshaken" - great, great text to one of my favorite tunes. Because this is one of the "principal feasts of Christ" according to our LSB lectionary, I even used the zimbelstern on the organ for the Sanctus today. Pr. Curtis' homily was also outstanding.

After Church, I hightailed it down to the airport to pick up Dave (he'd been out east for his uncle's funeral in Maine), and we came back to a wonderful brunch with Cindi, Bekah, David and Meaghan. I really must also add with Lydia, for the wee thing is not so wee anymore and her presence is palpable at the table. Can't wait to hold her. Cindi made a paleo sweet potato casserole (every bit as tasty as Aunt Dee's!), some Zucchini bread, bacon, eggs, pancakes for the non-Paleo folk and some slices apples and pears. It was a feast and I ate way too much.

After a game of Liverpool (Dave won!) and little rest, we headed out for a walk. Think we ended up walking over an hour. All around the neighborhood and then up to Greenhedge and back. The weather is so beautiful and the sky such a deep blue (and the beans are turning golden in the fields), that I think we could have gone on walking for another hour. But Lucy was definitely worn out and ready to sack out on the couch: where she sits at this very minute.

I didn't get to pray Treasury till this afternoon, but it has a great bit from Gerhard on the topic of the angels. I don't know if Pr. Curtis had read it or not, but he and Gerhard were definitely tracking together (as they often do).

Anywho, a blessed and joyous St. Michael and All Angels to one and all!  "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him and he delivers them."


Unknown said...

How does an ordained priest serve as a deacon in the LCMS? A priest is a priest; a deacon, a deacon.

William Weedon said...

Lutherans, of course, confess a unitary office. But more importantly, though a deacon may be advanced to the priesthood, he always may continue to serve any role assigned to a deacon.