01 December 2013

The Hymns of Advent

Bring such great joy. Today we not only got to sing "Prepare the Royal Highway" but "O Lord, How Shall I Greet You" and the lovely Danish piece "O Bride of Christ, Rejoice." Two stanzas stand out to my mind:

Sin's debt, that fearful burden,
Cannot His love erase;
Your guilt The Lord will pardon
And cover by His grace.
He comes, for you procuring
The peace of sins forgiv'n,
His children thus securing
Eternal life in heav'n. (Stanza 5, O Lord, How Shall I Meet)

and this:

A humble beast He rides,
Yet as a King presides;
Though not arrayed in splendor,
He makes the grave surrender.
Hosanna, praise and glory!
Our King, we bow before Thee!

Blessed Advent-tide, people loved by God!

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