28 November 2013

Thanksgiving Day Matins

Thanksgiving is always a bit of a home-coming day at St. Paul's. To be sure, we have families missing who travel to be with those who live elsewhere, but so many others come home. Great to see the gym packed this morning for service. The bells played and the choir sang along with them a setting of Bach's "Now Thank We." Bekah and Elizabeth got the choir some hymnals from the 7th-8th grade classroom so we could sing the harmonies in Matins (Builder doesn't have that option...yet?). Pastor Ball preached a fabulous homily, mostly on the second reading. We sang the Starke Te Deum, much to David's chagrin. He really loves singing the Anglican setting from Matins. But from start to finish a joyous service. Oh and a funny: a mistake I think I made in the bulletin some four years ago was faithfully carried forth for another year. The people's part of the responsory isn't printed! The choir was ready and sang it for the congregation.


Unknown said...
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William Gleason said...

Couldn't agree more on all your reflections. Just an FYI, I corrected the missing responsory in the service, so (presumably) if it's used as the template for next Thanksgiving the four year record of your goof, and my fidelity in passing it on, will be permanently established. :-D