02 November 2013


Woke up at five, but refused to get out of bed till 5:45. Made breakfast and said prayers (not the same with Cindi gone). Set the clocks back. Did a workout with my new 30 lb kettle bell. Finished editing LetUsPray for December and submitted them to Doctrinal Review.  Lucy and I went for an early morning stroll. Then to town to pick up cat food and do some grocery shopping. Swept and mopped kitchen floor, dusted. Bekah headed into town to see the baby, but I opted to do a few more things around the house. Took a bit of break for Lucy to go on another walk - so about an hour's worth of walking so far today. Maybe we'll do another round later too. I sure didn't get much walking in this week. Now am listening to some Christmas music on iTunes radio. I like that it doesn't have the commercials Pandora does, but it is definitely not as smart as Pandora in matching the kind of music you requested - I sure don't think of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as a Christmas piece! Bekah's bowling for Cindi tonight. I might throw a couple logs in fireplace after sun goes down and enjoy my Norcal Margarita (or, as Wade at O'Charlie's calls them: a mexican martini!).

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