03 November 2013

All Saints (obs.) at St. Paul's

Pastor had a very comforting sermon. And I think we all needed it. Somehow being in that room where Jo used to worship, and from which she was buried. The great bell tolling during the commemoration jars you deep in your gut. But what a lovely reading: "God will wipe away the tears from every face." And tears the poor thing had a plenty. So much suffering. So much despair. And yet faith battled it to the end. Pastor reminded us again of how she and the others are still with us at the Supper and that was a comfort indeed. Kneeling beside Meaghan with Lydia in arms, David to her other side, and Bekah on my side. And the precious body and blood given to us and we are there, in the great scene from Revelation and Jo there too, seeing her fourth great-grandchild. "Steals on the ear the distant triumph song" indeed.

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