12 April 2014

Happy birthday to my beautiful wife!

It seems like only yesterday... you and Debbie Scott grudgingly agreeing to share your very tasty hot cinnamon toothpicks at Belt... "Hand check" on trips to T.A.G.... fighting over my class ring and your mom refusing to get involved... singing and playing guitar in the open trunk of your car at Wheaton High School... double dating with Jon and Chris... the many summers at the Purple Pad and sleeping up on the roof hearing the fight between the traffic and the ocean waves... the beauty of St. Thomas on our honeymoon... moving to St. Louis with a couple hundred bucks in our pockets and not knowing for sure where we'd live or if we could find jobs... Michael moving in with us... the Garfield days... moving to North Carolina and that disastrous camping trip... Lauren and then BOOM David... Mebane and (as Lauren would say) "my blue house."... Mom with us and so sick... Countless visits with Jim and Amy... walking the streets of Mebane to help get Bekah Boo moving on out under the warm sun and the blooming dogwoods... that monstrous sized placenta!... Moving back to St. Louis and your mom and dad none too happy with the decision... TSP and days filled with field trips, track meets, ballet, Tae Kwon Do, basketball, softball, and volleyball... Metro Days and learning to get used to children turning into adults... Dave and Jo and Nana and Sandy visiting and always having such fun... Sandy's broken ankle and kittens and Jo misbehaving... Dave and Jo moving out here and our trip down to Cairo that beautiful day... The storm in the summer and no power... The storm in the winter and no power, but David's famous video... So many joyful St. Paul memories... Trips to Chicago and our friendship with AJ and Kim... Two years ago today moving into this house right next door to Dave and Jo... Grand babies! One and then suddenly two and three... Missing you so much when you were in NC... Our huge sorrow last year and yet so thankful for all the blessing Jo has been to us through so many years... Our trips to Mexico and most of all that crazy cruise with Klingers and Van Ulfts... Times in the new house with grandkids and our very grown up children... As someone you love to hear sing put it: "It's been a good life all in all."

Which is all to say: I love you very much and I thank God He gave you to me as a traveling companion on this crazy journey of life. And I wrote all of that without telling the world you were 54. Amazing! :)


John Flanagan said...

Well, you have shared everything in this post. No need to be concerned about NSA tapping your phone or intersepting your private emails. It is all here, and the world can catch a glimpse of those private things you want to reveal. I wonder why you felt it was necessary to post all this information when it would have been easier to just give your wife a warm hug and tell her you love her. In my humble view, the downside of social media is this psychological addiction to sharing too much with too many and too often. It is a form of vanity and pride, even when done with noble intentions.

William Weedon said...


Actually much more I didn't share, but I chose to put it up on my blog because that's the spot I store things I write. NSA can help themselves to them. I don't know whether it is vanity or pride, but it is definitely the way I deal with things: I write. And I am very thankful for the wonderful years my wife and I have been blessed to share together and wanted to acknowledge that on the occasion of her birthday. Pax!

Phillip said...

A beautiful and most fitting tribute. Thank you for posting this. May it inspire similar love and devotion in all husbands who read this, as it gives voice to the spirit of thankfulness with which we in Christ cherish our brides.

God bless you both and your family as you celebrate. May you joyfully remember all the good you have given and received in Cindy's life, embrace the joy of sharing the present with her, and take time to dream together as you consider your hopes for her future. A day to celebrate, indeed. BASK! :)

John Flanagan said...

I think it would be very hard to share secrets with you, Bill, because you have this insatiable need to write everything down and telegraph it to all of the universe. I think if you were a POW during the Korean War you would not worry about being forced to confess. You would probably just chatter away to your captors, and if asked to write a composition on how you became a US imperialist, you would ask your captors if it should be 2000 words and how many carbon copies would they like. You would have given them permission to broadcast it across the globe. Just kidding....I have this insatiable habit of seeing too much humor in things.