15 April 2014

The Lent that Almost Wasn't

As a pastor in a parish I could never understand the slightly less than enthusiastic greeting that the extra Lenten services received from so many. Oh, folks would show up. But they never seemed as excited about Lent as I was. Now that I'm sitting on the other side of the nave (so to speak), I begin to understand.

This Lent I've had to miss any number of Lenten services with sickness or being out of town, but I find it very difficult to focus on the ones I've been able to attend. I'm usually headed to bed come 8:30 and so I'm just plain tired, out of focus, and struggling throughout the services. Granted, worshipping in the wretched gym doesn't help one bit. Still I get it now.

Yes, the services are worth it. Worth every bit of it. But the effort involved isn't little for those with early mornings. It's hard to stay up, to yawn your way through the beautiful service, and to try to focus. I feel badly for thinking folks were just lazy. Tired is not lazy. It's just, well, tired.


gary said...

Being retired I feel the same way. I looked forward to Lent and Holy Week especially for the services that advanced in order to the Easter climax. Stuff I did, traditional Easter Vigil, stripping of alter, music at Wednesday services, a special, different Easter sunrise, a Lent centered Lenten series are not done around these parts any more. Pastors are 'tired'.

lee woo said...
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