03 June 2014

About that June 12...

...I repent me in dust and ashes. I have received contacts from too many of you to write back to all, asking me NOT to drop the blog. Have heard, will heed. I will try to keep it going. Thank you for the kind words and the encouragements. They took me by surprise.


George said...

I just didn't want you to stop it on my birthday.

But this is good too. :)

Jeff said...


Kathleen in CA said...


Anonymous said...

Glad you came to your senses!

You exist for us.

Well, that is an overstatement sure
but some things you have to do
because you exist for God


Anonymous said...

Weeds -

Good call. You and Peters and a few others are part of morning devotions for some of us - food for spiritual thought. Ensconsed in the Purple Palace you may not feel so, but we do.

'Preciate hanging in, as we say down here in Texas.

Pax tecum - jb

Matthew said...

Thank you for reconsidering. I was disappointed; now I am overjoyed. The peace of Christ be with you.

Dixie said...

Good move!

Unknown said...

Will, there are two reasons why I did not write earlier to plead with you to change your mind about abandoning your blog. First, life has taught me that procrastination is a great energy saver. I found that in my life, the major endeavors I initiated ended in failure every time. Whatever good happened to me happened suddenly and from an unexpected direction. For this reason I have become an enemy of all those who claim we must constantly be aware of God’s plan for us. Once more, I was right; just by not doing anything the desired result was achieved.
Secondly, I feared that my posts might have contributed to your wish to quit the blog. I will try to act with greater moderation.
Wishing you our Lord’s richest blessings,
George A. Marquart

Pr. David Gallas said...

Great move. This blog continues to be such a blessing!

William Weedon said...

Oh, George! NOT AT ALL. I don't always agree with you (as you well know), but you provoke deeper thought and always invite a Gospel perspective. I love it when you comment.