15 June 2014

I just reflected on what the week brought...wow!

Pentecost: Two Divine Services
Whit Monday: Morning Prayer
Whit Tuesday: Responsive Prayer, Divine Service, Vespers, Compline
Wednesday: Matins, Divine Service, Vespers, Compline
Thursday: Responsive Prayer, Divine Service, Vespers, Compline
Friday: Matins, Divine Service, Compline
Saturday: Divine Service, Hymn sing

All celebrated in community (parish, IC, retreat, Issues "Making the Case" conference). I think I'm going to go through withdrawals this week. That was a bit of heaven on earth, truly. What a way to celebrate the full octave! And then today the great joys of Trinity Sunday (which already came to us at last night's Divine Service). It was a week of feasting royally on the Word, that's for sure!


Miguel Barcelos said...

Rev. Weedon,
Great text!
Would you let me repost this text to my blog?

William Weedon said...

By all means, help yourself!

Miguel Barcelos said...

Inexplicably I commented the wrong post. I apologize... I wanted to adress the text "What exactly IS catholic?". May I guess your answer is still yes?