28 September 2014

A quiet breakfast

today. Just Cindi and Bekah and I. The memories of busy crazy breakfasts juxtaposed themselves. A crowded table after church on Sundays with all the kids home, sometimes their friends, Dave and Jo, and whoever might be visiting. Everyone talking louder and louder, the laughter, two cats wandering around and the dog begging scraps.

We usually have David, Meaghan and Lydia join us, but they attended her parents' church today. Dave was up in Michigan for a surprise birthday party for his nephew, Russ. So it was just us three. And Lucy. She's still around AND still begging.

Instead of just expecting a weekly crowd, we now look forward to visits when the house will be noisy with grandchildren and children and friends. And in between? Lots of quiet and silence. In which, like Bilbo,

"....I listen for returning feet
And voices at the door."


ginnie said...

After reading this, I feel as though I were there too, as a quiet visitor.

L Herbz said...

That's exactly what your grandcat does!! Bilbo waits at the door silently (or not) listening for returning feet to pounce upon. He misses you!

Anonymous said...

We are always willing to come and join you for a meal if you are lonely and looking for people to feed.

also....maybe it is time for new feet. how about a 13 year old girl. I know just the one......her name is Ma Lor.