30 September 2014

On a roll

Usually things are so backed up at work that my to-do-list is quite depressing. Two relatively quiet and very productive days resulted in getting tons of projects finished and enabling that eminently satisfying moment of crossing them off my list. The big projects still to go:

Presentations for Plano conference
Homilies for tomorrow, next Monday, and next Wednesday
Drafting Prayers of the Church for one year series for December

There IS light at the end of that wretched tunnel...and here's to hoping it is not the proverbial train!


Unknown said...

Why are you drafting prayers of the church? Don't those already exist?

William Weedon said...

The Lutheran Liturgy allows for the use of one of the General Prayers or the use of prayers. The rubrics make clear that the prayers in the Altar Book are examples.